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Gremsy G-Hadron High Performance Drone Camera

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G-Hadron Drone Camera

Introducing G-Hadron, the pinnacle of compact and lightweight gimbal technology, meticulously crafted to accommodate the exceptional dual thermal and visible camera module - Hadron 640R. Engineered with precision, G-Hadron offers an optimized design that seamlessly integrates with the Hadron 640R, ensuring a hassle-free plug-and-play setup. With its unrivaled size and weight optimization, G-Hadron delivers unparalleled performance in a compact form factor, revolutionizing the way thermal and visible imaging is achieved. Experience the epitome of convenience and efficiency with G-Hadron and unleash the full potential of the Hadron 640R camera module.


The Hadron 640R is a game changer for drone operations, unlocking a multitude of applications. This exceptional camera module combines a 640×512 resolution radiometric Boson® thermal camera with a 64MP visible camera, all cleverly packed into a compact and lightweight 56-gram form factor. With MIPI output for seamless connectivity, the Hadron 640R empowers users with unprecedented capabilities. Experience enhanced visibility in total darkness, smoke, and challenging foggy conditions through the thermal camera, while the 64MP visible electro-optical (EO) camera captures stunning high-definition imagery. Discover new dimensions of imaging possibilities with Gremsy's cutting-edge Hadron 640R and unlock the true potential of your aerial operations.


The G-Hadron sets new benchmarks in compactness, measuring only 90 x 63 mm. This versatile gimbal boasts three Operation Modes: ON/OFF, Follow mode, and Mapping mode, providing users with flexible functionality for different scenarios. It incorporates a next-generation IMU sensor and specialized gimbal drive motors with encoders, ensuring exceptional stability and precise control. The USB-C connection enables seamless connectivity, while support for the Gimbal Mavlink Protocol enhances communication and integration capabilities. Experience the pinnacle of compact gimbal technology with the G-Hadron, redefining what is possible in a small form factor.

Built for Integrators

Unlock exceptional stabilization capabilities for thermal and visible imaging by integrating G-Hadron with your embedded system.


Mounting with your platforms

Use Standard Damping: The G-Hadron's standard damping system, weighing just 42g, is engineered to ensure suitability across various drone models weighing over 1 kg.


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