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DJI Dock 2 with DJI Matrice 3DT

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DJI Dock 2 with DJI Matrice 3DT Autonomous Thermal Drone Solution

The DJI Dock 2, combined with the DJI Matrice 3DT Autonomous Thermal Drone, presents a comprehensive thermal drone-in-a-box solution tailored for various applications. Equipped with an RGB visual sensor and zoom capabilities, the Matrice 3DT is adept at remote and automated public safety, security, and inspection operations, providing detailed visual and thermal imagery.


The Matrice 3DT, specifically engineered for the DJI Dock 2, equiped with a wide-angle camera, telephoto camera, and infrared camera, enables it to capture both visible light and thermal imagery with precision. With features such as an extended flight time of up to 50 minutes, IP54 waterproof and dustproof rating, and a six-direction obstacle sensing system, the Matrice 3DT empowers users to accomplish diverse missions with ease and accuracy. This integrated solution redefines possibilities for automated applications in mapping, surveying, monitoring, inspection, and more, offering unparalleled versatility and performance in permanent-instal RPAS solutions.

Additionally, the DJI Dock 2 is also available with the DJI Matrice 3D Survey Drone, providing a comprehensive surveying solution. With its high-precision cameras and advanced flight capabilities, the DJI Matrice 3D is perfectly suited for mapping, modeling, and inspection tasks. When paired with the DJI Dock 2, users can enjoy seamless automated operations, streamlining workflows and increasing productivity.

*Note: Drone Batteries not included*

DJI Dock 2 Key Features

Lightweight and Easy to Deploy

Cloud-Based Modeling

IP55 Ingress Protection

FlyTo Tasks

10km Max Effective Operating Radius

Private Deployment

Integrated Environmental Monitoring System

Third-Party Payload Support

Triple Threat

Matrice 3TD sports a tri-camera system for greater operational versatility.

DJI Matrice 3D

Wide-Angle Camera

1/1.32-inch CMOS
24mm Format Equivalent
48MP Effective Pixels

Tele Camera

1/2-inch CMOS
‌162mm Format Equivalent
12MP Effective Pixels

Infrared Camera

40mm Format Equivalent
Normal Mode: 640×512@30fps
UHR Infrared Image Mode: 1280×1024@30fps
(With the UHR Infrared Image function enabled, the aircraft automatically enables or disables UHR Infrared Image mode according to the ambient light brightness.)
28x Digital Zoom

DJI Dock 2 with the DJI Marice 3TD Offers Superior, Comprehensive Performance

Thanks to its powerful operation capabilities, DJI Matrice 3TD meets the requirements of high-standard operations.

Enhanced Flight Performance and Range

Despite its compact design, the Matrice 3TD offers impressive flight endurance, lasting up to 50 minutes on a single charge. Additionally, it features rapid charging capabilities, refueling from 20% to 90% in just 32 minutes. With durable batteries capable of enduring 400 charge cycles, this drone ensures reliable performance over the long term. Moreover, its wide operational range of up to 10 km enables extensive coverage, supporting comprehensive operations across entire worksites with minimal downtime.


Max Effective Operating Radius

50 Min

Max Flight Time


Battery Cycles

The DJI Matrice 3DT, when paired with the DJI Dock 2, is engineered for rugged environments, boasting an IP54 rating for dustproof and waterproof capabilities, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh conditions. Equipped with an integrated RTK module, it achieves precise positioning accuracy within ±3cm, enabling highly accurate data capture for critical missions. Its advanced obstacle sensing system, with sensors in six directions, enhances operational safety by detecting and avoiding obstacles effectively during flight.


Dustproof and Waterproof

±3cm Positioning Accuracy

Integrated RTK Module


Obstacle Sensing System

Enhancing Public Safety: Matrice 3TD Thermal Imaging Capabilities

The Matrice 3TD, featuring its specialized thermal imaging camera, is finely tuned for a range of public safety applications, such as equipment management, staff safety oversight, and security patrols. Additionally, in Drone as a First Responder scenarios, the Matrice 3TD delivers crucial situational intelligence from aerial perspectives, aiding in swift and informed decision-making.

Steady Operation, Uncompromised Efficiency

Quick Takeoff

DJI Dock 2 integrates dual RTK antennas, allowing the aircraft to obtain accurate RTH location information without waiting for the RTK data to converge. It also performs a complete propeller inspection and takeoff in as short a time as 45 seconds, quickly entering operational status.

Quick Charge

DJI Dock 2 charges the aircraft from 20% to 90% in just 32 minutes for efficient powering for consecutive operations.

Dual-Camera Monitoring

DJI Dock 2 features an internal and an external fisheye camera to achieve real-time display. Close monitoring within and outside the dock allows the operator to remotely observe weather conditions, environmental circumstances, and the aircraft's takeoff and landing.

Cloud-Based Operation,
Maximum Control

Cloud Mapping

After the aircraft completes its flight task, DJI FlightHub 2 generates high-precision 3D models based on the collected flight data, authentically restoring the operating environment. These models can be annotated, measured, and downloaded.

Flight Route Editor

Utilizing high-precision 3D models, operators can conduct visual flight route editing from a first-person perspective and preview simulated imaging results. This facilitates intuitive and efficient operations and enhances flight route planning and accuracy.

AI Spot-Check

Frame a specific area in the 3D model, and the aircraft will automatically compare the area to be captured with the framed area in subsequent automated operations. This actively adjusts the camera's angle to ensure accurate capture of the same area across multiple flights.

FlyTo Tasks

DJI FlightHub 2's FlyTo tasks utilize high-precision 3D models to automatically plan the optimal flight route. Before an urgent task, the operator only needs to click on the subject, and the aircraft will fly to the destination via an efficient and safe route.

Live Flight Controls

Based on DJI FlightHub 2 or a third-party cloud platform, even if
DJI Dock 2 is deployed in a remote region, the operator can still control the flight and gimbal angle via keyboard and mouse.

Obstacle Bypass

When performing automatic flight tasks, the aircraft utilizes omnidirectional obstacle sensing and automatic obstacle bypass functions to enhance the success rate of flight tasks.

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