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DJI Security Drones

DJI Enterprise provides the ultimate security drones for your security and surveillance needs, including law enforcement, search and rescue, firefighting, farm security, mining security, and anti-poaching operations. Thermal cameras attached to drones are making a hugely positive impact in all these emergency-related sectors that benefit from an eye in the sky during times of dire need.

GoUAV and its certified specialists are two-decade veterans of the drone, thermal, optics and security sectors. GoUAV is an authorized DJI Enterprise distributor. We know drones and we know the software, optics, and accessories that are customizable for different commercial and industrial UAV applications. Our SME, enterprise, local government, and other valued clients depend on us to apply world-leading UAV and thermal optic technology to their specific needs.

Drone technology has improved in leaps and bounds over the past several years and no-one is better placed to determine the best solution to your bespoke UAV needs. Getting the best from your available security drone technology, however, depends on making that correct initial choice of drone.

Public Safety

Respond Effectively with Aerial Insights. Direct Aid Where It's Needed Most

How are DJI Drones Being Deployed to Protect and Serve?


Immediate Intel

Respond to urgent missions with rapid aerial awareness


Coordinated Responses

Synchronize across teams with direct resources with live mission overwatch


Reduce Risk

Eliminate guesswork and act with assurance

firefighting drones

Public Safety Drone Applications

Drones and firefighting


DJI technology arms firefighters with aerial insight enabling rapid, efficient, and informed decisions to maximize safety.

Law Enforcement

Drones are becoming critical tools for law enforcement agencies, enabling greater safety, quicker response, and better decisions.

Law enforcement drones

Drone Rescue Services

Rescue Services

Emergency responders can identify targets and deploy care faster thanks to the overhead guidance DJI drones provide.

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