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Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

Map, Model, and Inspect with Drone Solutions
Automate Workflows and Digitize Your Assets

AEC Key Benefits

Architecture engineering icon

Architecture Engineering

Map large work sites to acquire detailed, precise data using drones. 2D maps and 3D models help teams optimize project planning and designs.

Progress monitoring icon

Progress Monitoring

Drone solutions, along with image stitching and 3D modeling software help teams stay fully informed on site progress and resource allocation – keeping projects on time and on track.

Building Inspection Icon

Building Inspection and Maintenance

Quickly map and model buildings to digitize the inspection and maintenance process, reducing costs while keeping personnel safe.

Stockpile volumetric icon

Stockpile Volumetrics

Obtain accurate volume measurements of stockpiles and construction aggregates using 3D models built with aerial images.

Heritage Site Modeling

Build detailed 3D models of cultural and natural heritage sites, digitizing assets for preservation and education.

Architecture Engineering

Architecture Engineering

Traditional Challenges in Architecture Engineering

The lack of precise position data makes it difficult to align BIM designs, road vector maps, and satellite imagery, costing time and labor.

2D designs are unable to illustrate the spatial information required to fully visualize the design.

The BIM designs can be quite different from the reality model, making it difficult to visualize and verify the design.

How Drones Empower Architecture Engineering

Create 3D models with accurate positioning data that can be readily fitted into the BIM models to visualize designs.

Designs can be optimized using drone-created 3D models that are compatible with a variety of GIS software.

Progress Monitoring

Progress monitoring

Traditional Challenges in Progress Monitoring

It is difficult to keep track of construction projects as they involve many teams and can be spread out over a large site.

Fixed cameras onsite are unable to cover the entire site in detail, failing to capture critical progress information.

Large quantities of video footage can drown out critical details, making it difficult to track specific areas of the project.

How Drones Help Monitor Progress

Drones can create accurate 2D maps and 3D models of the site on-demand.

3D models can be used to track dynamic changes or daily progress.

Building Inspection

Building Inspection

Traditional Challenges in Building Inspection

Traditional inspections often require teams to implement manual, rope-access techniques which require walking across rooftops and scaffolding. This is time-consuming and dangerous.

It is often difficult to visualize the building in its entirety, and manual inspections do not produce standardized digital results.

How Drones Empower Building Inspection

Quickly build a detailed 3D model of a building to facilitate construction acceptance and routine inspection and maintenance.

DJI drones can take high-resolution close-up photos of buildings to create detailed models for inspection.

Stockpile Volumetrics

Stockpile volumetrics

Traditional Challenges in Stockpile Volumetrics

Manual missions take days or weeks in hard-to-reach locations, where personnel can be exposed to hazardous materials.

Traditional methods are unable to render detailed models that yield accurate volume measurements.

How Drones Help Measure Stockpiles

Quickly deploy drones in hard-to-reach areas to collect high-resolution aerial images for point clouds and precise 3D models.

Fly as regularly as needed and generate accurate models on demand, covering large sites in just a few days.

Heritage Site Modeling

Heritage site modeling

Traditional Challenges in Heritage Site Modeling

Traditional methods of modeling buildings and monuments are expensive and inefficient, making it difficult to create digital archives.

Oblique photogrammetry missions conducted manually can be ineffective in capturing details that meet the accuracy requirements of the project.

How Drones Help Create Models of Heritage Sites

Drones capture high-resolution images of complex structures for accurate 3D models, creating digital archives and streamlining maintenance.

DJI drones can safely capture close-up photos of buildings to create detailed models.

Digital copies of heritage sites assist in their identification, protection and preservation, as well as benefit industries such as tourism and education.

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