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Electric Utility Solutions

Electric utility solutions

Manage Electrical Grids and Plants with Drone Solutions

Monitor Construction, Conduct Inspections and Maintenance with Ease

Drones have proven to be invaluable tools in a variety of areas related to electric utility solutions. In the field of construction planning and design, drones can survey sites quickly and accurately, providing essential data to inform the design process. Once construction begins, drones can be used for construction management, monitoring progress and ensuring that work is being carried out safely and efficiently. In power grid management, drones can inspect power lines and other infrastructure, identifying potential issues and allowing for quicker repairs.

Drones are also being used for power generation management, with the ability to inspect wind turbines and solar panels, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. Finally, drones are being used for special operations, such as inspecting hard-to-reach areas or identifying potential safety hazards. With their versatility and efficiency, drones are quickly becoming a critical tool in all areas of electric utility solutions.

How are DJI Drones Being Deployed to Manage Electrical Grids and Power Plants?

Enhanced Efficiency

Manage assets with precise aerial insights acquired during automated drone flights that quickly identify threats

Reduced Costs

Conduct critical inspections using intelligent drone solutions while operations continue to run, minimizing maintanence costs

Improved Safety

Protect workers from hazards by using drones to get up and close to the assets, quickly identifying asset issues.


Electric utility solutions

Construction Planning and Design

Drone data can be used to create accurate 2D and 3D models in aerial site surveys to streamline planning and inform design.

Construction Management

Drone solutions help manage every step of the construction process to monitor progress, reduce risks, and keep personnel safe

Power Grid Management

Drone solutions deliver detailed and accurate data on all parts of the grid, automating inspection, enabling timely repairs, and reducing downtime.

Power Generation Management

Drone solutions provide critical visual and thermal data on the condition of power stations, so personnel can identify risks and address them quickly without shutting down operations.

Special Operations

Quickly clear powerlines of debris using drones outfitted with specialized tools, keeping personnel safe on the ground and avoiding shutdowns.

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