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DJI Agras T40 Intelligent Flight Battery

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DJI Agras T40 Battery

The 30,000mAh Intelligent Flight Battery has a product guarantee of 1,000 cycles.

Introducing the DJI Agras T40 Intelligent Flight Battery – a powerhouse of performance designed to elevate your agricultural operations. Boasting an impressive capacity of up to 30000 mAh, this battery offers robust endurance. It operates at 11.5C while discharging and 6C while charging, ensuring efficiency. With a warranty coverage spanning 1,500 charging cycles, this battery guarantees enduring reliability. Experience the convenience of instant charging without cooldown requirements, complemented by circuit board-level potting protection that safeguards against water and corrosion challenges. The DJI Agras T40 Intelligent Flight Battery is a testament to durability and innovation in the field of precision agriculture.

DJI Agras T40 Intelligent Flight Battery

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