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DJI Matrice 300RTK BS60 Intelligent Battery Station

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DJI BS60 Intelligent Battery Station for Matrice 300 RTK Series

Keep your DJI Matrice 300 RTK in the air with the new BS60 Intelligent Battery Station. The BS60 can handle up to eight flight batteries and four remote controller batteries. Plus, it can simultaneously charge two flight batteries and one controller battery. BS60 power banks also feature fast charging so you can do missions on full power. By fully charging two batteries within an hour on 220 volts, the battery station guarantees uninterrupted flight time. It even charges batteries from 20% to 90% in about 40 minutes if you’re using a 110-volt power outlet. The BS60 will recharge high-power batteries first, then low-power batteries. DJI ships the battery station with an AC power cable and four charging cables for M300 RTK controllers. A one-year limited warranty covers the BS60 power bank.

The DJI Matrice 300 BS60 Intelligent Battery Station is an all-in-one charger and hard case wheeled transporter for multiple batteries. It holds up to eight TB60 flight batteries and four WB37 remote controller batteries, and supports simultaneous charging of two TB60 flight batteries and one WB37 remote controller battery. Charging times are about 70 minutes for two batteries, or from 20% to 90% in about 40 minutes.

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