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DJI P4 9450S Quick-release Propellers (1CW+1CCW)

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DJI P4 9450S Quick-release Propellers (1CW+1CCW)

The DJI 9450S Quick Release Propellers for Phantom 4 / Phantom 4 Pro / Phantom 4 Pro+ is a two-pack that includes one clockwise (CW) and one counterclockwise (CCW) prop. Featuring quick release attachment, the props can be snapped on or off as needed without being unscrewed. As there are two rotational directions, please refer to the user guide to ensure that you replace a CW propeller with a new CW propeller and a CCW propeller with a CCW propeller.

Key Features

  • Each Pack Contains Two Propellers

  • One CW Propeller

  • One CCW Propeller

  • For Phantom 4

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