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Gremsy Duo Advanced EO/IR Drone Payload

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Duo Drone Payload

Introducing Duo, a cutting-edge EO/IR payload that pushes the boundaries of advanced precision in a wide range of applications. Combining the power of a Sony block camera and Flir Boson 640R with a laser range finder, Duo is equipped with an array of state-of-the-art features. Its AI Object identification and tracking capabilities allow for seamless detection and tracking of objects of interest, while the integrated auto-zoom ensures unparalleled precision. Whether used in surveillance, reconnaissance, or other critical operations, Duo empowers users with advanced functionality and unmatched performance.

Built for industrial applications

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Gremsy Duo

Duo Key Features

  • AI Object identification and tracking
  • 30x Zoom and thermal imaging capability
  • Save video up to 4k to SD card on board
  • Stream video over HDMI Ethernet
  • Control gimbal/camera over MavLink
  • Laser range finder intergraton.
    *T estimate target coordinate (GPS) information

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