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Hasselblad's Aerial Platform

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Hasselblad's Aerial platform

The DJI M600 Pro Drone, Ronin-MX Gimbal, and Hasselblad A6D-100c camera combine for an unparalleled aerial imaging package, creating a 100-megapixel integrated aerial photography platform – an unprecedented tool for precise, detailed, and accurate aerial imaging. Professional drone users can continuously control camera operations during flight using the DJI GO or GS Pro apps, providing rich imagery for landscape and fine-art photography, robust data for surveying and mapmaking, and endless possibilities for future professional endeavors.

A6D-100C + DJI M600 PRO

The flight platform for this powerful combination is the DJI M600 Pro drone – an advanced and adaptable six-rotor flight platform equipped with the powerful Lightbridge 2 transmission system, a dustproof propulsion system, and six Intelligent Flight Batteries.

The M600 Pro can be guided by the D-RTK GNSS navigation system, which can withstand magnetic interference, providing highly precise centimeter-level 3D positioning. This enhanced accuracy over typical barometer, compass and GPS systems makes it ideal for exacting commercial, industrial and scientific applications.

A triumph of camera technology, the Hasselblad A6D-100c has a large 53.4×40.0 mm sensor that offers outstanding detail, color reproduction and tonal range even in poor lighting conditions using the HC and HCD lens family. The camera mounts on the drone through the Ronin-MX three-axis stabilized gimbal, which uses powerful motors and inertial measurement units to resist high G-force while maintaining stability and holding the horizon.

The A6D camera series also comes with an optional Infra-Red filter. The Infra-Red filter captures between 750 nm to 1000nm for impressive aerial imaging in environments requiring surveying or crop management.

Hasselblad A6D-100c

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