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Drone Asset Inspection

DJI Enterprise drones provide the best inspection drones for your asset inspection needs. Drones have become a popular way to carry out asset inspections, with the latest drone technology allowing high-resolution images and data to be collected with minimal risk and effort. Drones can access hard-to-reach places faster, cheaper and with less risk than manual inspections, and potentially allow the asset to remain online. The use of drones is vast and versatile and can benefit a wide range of different business sectors including cell towers, cooling towers, oil and gas infrastructure, solar farms, wind farms, power lines, and nuclear power plants amongst others.

Traditional inspections can be time-consuming and costly, however using drones as an inspection method is a safe, efficient and cost-effective alternative. Even from a great distance, drones can provide high-resolution video footage as well as aerial photography or aerial imaging. and its certified specialists are two-decade veterans of the drone, thermal, and optics sectors. are an authorized DJI Enterprise distributor. We know drones and we know the software, optics and accessories that are customizable for different commercial and industrial UAV applications. Our SME, enterprise, local government and other valued clients depend on us to apply world-leading UAV and thermal optic technology to their specific needs.

Drone technology has grown immensely over the past several years and no-one is better placed to determine the best solution to your bespoke UAV needs than Getting the best from your available mapping and surveying drone technology, however, depends on making that correct initial choice of drone and software.

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